Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Shopping

Went to Nordstroms Rack late this afternoon with my boyfriend and my son, to use my Groupon that I purchased about 2 weeks ago.
Derek bought this watch it was $179.00 on sale for $69.00 he used his $50 gift certificate that he got from Groupon and paid the difference. My son went with me so of course he wanted everything he saw lol! I bought him a hoodie , skinny jeans and I was able to get myself something small..Paul Dorf lip glosses:) I paid the difference of $6.56. I thought that was a pretty good deal! If they have the offer on Groupon again I would definitely get it!

yep, this is what happens when you take your kid with you, lol!!
This was at Jcpenny, and I had to take a pic yeah I'm old enough to remember Rockem Sockem Robots, lol!!

They also had Microscopes and Telescopes in case anyone had them on their list.

I also had a $10.00 gift card that JCpenny had sent me because I joined their rewards program. You can join online and everytime you shop there you get points, bought a sweatshirt for $10.96!

Then we went to Bath and Body works to use a coupon they had sent Derek , if you buy $10 worth of anything you get another item for free!

Then we went to this restaurant called Octopus Japanese restaurant for a dinner and I had a certificate that I had purchased from for $1.00 that was worth $25.00. We all ordered food, drinks and the bill was only $20.00 with tax and tip !!

Posted by PicasaThis a pic of the glosses I bought at Nordstroms rack !