Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I wanted to take a moment and give you guys some info on the basics I've learned about using coupons and why and how I started in the first place.
I was on disability a few years ago and a few things happened that snowballed into me having to short sell my house. I was still in my house and I had received a Family Circle(magazine:)) in the mail. There was an article about this family , the father had been laid off and got another job for less pay and the wife was trying to figure out how they were going to make it with one person working and three kids. She talked about a website called the Grocery Game. I registered and joined and started to learn how to use coupons to save money and get things free, But it wasn't free I had to pay $5.00 per store list.....yes I paid in the beginning, I paid $25.00 a month (I don't remember what the exact breakdown of the $25 was) . I did that for about 4 months until I realized that all the info I was paying for was and has been for year on the Internet..for free! So I cancelled my Grocery game account and slowly learned from other sites and blogs how I could save money in every aspect of my life and I'm still learning :)
The one site that helped me the most is Couponmom, there I learned the basics of using coupons there are videos you can watch , tutorials you can read and also download ..all for free. There is a forum where you can discuss and ask for help, and the best part they have the lists for almost all the stores every week that tell you how much you will save what coupons to use etc... If you want to take the time to learn and figure out the best way to organize your time and coupons I highly recommend that site.

Just a few more things ...when you receive your emails from me you can click on the highlighted name of the blog Boricua on a Budget at either the top of the page of the bottom and it will take you straight to my site. You don't have to save the emails from me , if you ever have to look for something you think you missed or want to go back just go to the website everything is organized.  Also on the website is a widget off to the right hand side that tells you what inserts are in the Sunday paper. Sometimes if you know there is some coupons that you really want you can buy  more than one paper. I will be adding more widgets with savings ideas that you guys can use later.
Now as far as using coupons if your just starting out, it is going to be a little time consuming I'm not going to even try to tell you its not, because it does take up a little of your time until you get the hang of it.

what you can do in the beginning is just buy the Sunday paper or even subscribe to it the LA Times has a Sunday subscription that is $10 for the whole year. there are three companies that put out coupons PROCTOR & GAMBLE (P&G) REDPLUM, and SMARTSOURCE .Usually at the beginning of the month there will be three inserts and then every Sunday maybe different . When you pull the inserts out if you don't want to cut them just date them on the front page so anytime you want to pull them you know where to go. When you ready to cut them make sure you have some sort of organizer, you can use a binder for home and separate them anyway you want and then carry a small organizer when you go to the store. I use and some of the girls and guys on here use what called a COUPONIZER. You can google the name and it will take you to the site or you can also buy one on EBAY its actual cheaper on EBAY,I bought Derek one and he really likes it.  Also remember that you can stack coupons, you can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item to make it cheaper. For example Vons flyer comes out it has Vons coupons in it you can use theirs and the Sunday paper ones together. This part one I don't want to make you guys bored with this info so I will break it up and have a part 2 probably tomorrow. If you have any questions you can either email me on the blog or send an email through google groups to the Money Saving Wrecking Crew, which is the group you belong to already or you can text me.