Friday, January 7, 2011


I just wanted to give you guys an update on these. I have called several stores and basically been given the run around everything from I'm at lunch at 8:30 pm ( yes an employee told me that over the phone) I called back an hour later and the same employee tells me I guess I'll help you I'm still at lunch what do you want? WHAT THE HELL??? NOW I remember why I hate Walmart. I'm not going t bore you with the other BS they told me because that's exactly what it is BS. Now I'm annoyed so I will be going to a few of the stores this weekend if they have any left I will pick them up. So I suggest not calling don't even go by what says as far as what's in stock just go to the store with the upc # 0069982900269 and ask for a manager to go in the back and find the item. Also check the Christmas clearance section they may have some there also. Let me know if you have any luck!! Also this deal is all Walmarts so if you have family of friends outside of Cali ask them to check for you in their Walmart.