Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey everyone ,
I just wanted to post some info for some of you that may be new to couponing or want some more information. Here are a few of the sites I use on a daily basis to get deals.
for groceries:
this site is the first one that I used after I found out I didn't have to PAY for the information! I used to use the grocery game but that one wasn't free. Coupon mom is free you just have to register. The site has alot of useful information, if you're a beginner there are tutorials and videos to help you. And the information for ALL the stores is weekly and very detailed. If you really want to save money on groceries, shampoo, conditioner, beauty products etc, this site definitely break it down for you !! So much that you can organize it to only show you the items that are free and exactly where to find the coupons!
I will try in the next couple of weeks to have some of my friends who are now pros at this post their finds and what they do to stay organize and also post pics of how some of them organize their coupons.
this site is great for everything from travel to coupons to free items I use this one all the time!!

There is also you tube , if you actual want to see people couponing and have them break it down for you there are alot of youtubers who have hundreds of videos of what they buy weekly so you can too!!
 Well that's it for now I have alot more but I wanted to post these first because these are the ones I use the most. If you have any questions feel free to ask or if you want to add what you like to do fee free to do so !!