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Earn $5/5, $10/10, $15/15 coupons playing Home Depot Zombie Mulch on FB
Home Depot Zombie Mulch []

Easy to play.  Coupon is emailed to you and is off a purchase of $5.01 or more in Lawn & Garden.
You'll earn points faster if you sign up for their Garden Club.

Have fun!
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FAQQ: Can I use $5, $10 and $15 in one transaction?
A: No, you can't use multiple coupons in one transaction.

Q: Can I use the same coupon multiple times?
A: No, the unique code coupon can only be used once. Once you scan the coupon, it will show -$15 on the screen.

Q: My coupon shows -$0 on the screen, what should I do?
A: You have items that is not "Lawn & Garden" or you don't have at least $15.01 in your transaction. Tell the Self-checkout attendance to VOID your transaction and you will be able to reuse your coupon. You will not be able to reuse the coupon unless the transaction is cancelled. If you do not cancel the transaction, it will give you "Please see attendent" message at self-check out.

Q: Can I use self check-out?
A: Yes, you should use self check out if you want to do multiple transactions. Note: If your coupon scans $0.00 because you did not meet the requirements, make sure you tell the attendant to void the transaction first. Otherwise, you will get "Please see attendant message" and the attendant might tell you you can't use the coupon for whatever reason. It's simpler to just void the transaction first (or walk away) and go through with the rest of the process later.

Q: How to use the coupon at self check out?
A: You scan the coupon like you scan a product. Do not press any other button before scanning the coupon. Be patient and keep trying until you hear a beep. Tip: It helps to lay the coupon flat on the scanner and slight it down toward you.

Q: Can I use the coupon for XXX?
A: Read the list below to find it out. If the item you want to buy is not in the list, try it out yourself and report back.

Q: How can I get points faster?
A: Click on Leaderboard, join Garden club to earn points twice as fast in the game.

Q: Can I use the same email to get new coupons multiple times?
A: You will get an old coupon sent to you if you reuse an email address even if you play the game on two facebook accounts.

Q: I did not get my coupons sent to my email?
A: You must use the same email that you used to sign up for the garden club (that form you used to get 2x points in the game). The email you give them does not have to be the one attached to your facebook account but the email used to sign up for Garden club and to get the 3 coupons must be the same.

Q: The game is stuck at "LOADING.." screen.
A: Make sure your browser is not blocking any plugins (Chrome).

$15 Coupon Terms:
Quote :
This offer is valid 10/15/2012 through 12/31/2012. This offer is valid and redeemable for a $15 discount on a single receipt in-store Lawn or Garden Center purchase of $15.01 or more at all U.S. The Home Depot® stores. LIMIT one coupon per customer. Limited to max $15 discount per transaction. Present to cashier at time of purchase to receive your discount. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount, offer, promotion or special incentive program and is not valid on: (a) the purchase of The Home Depot Gift Cards or Certificates or (b) prior purchases. Do not send with/as payment on any Home Depot credit account. Void if sold, copied or transferred and where prohibited. See store for further details. ©2012, Homer TLC Inc. all rights reserved.
If you have trouble retrieving coupons, avoid Firefox & IE. Chrome seems to be the best best. If you already used Firefox/IE and are having issues getting coupons, use Chrome and click on the "Stats" button at the home screen of the game. You should see your coupons there and should be able to redeem them.

Game Tips:
- Double your points, go to Stats, then click on Mulch Benefits, then Learn More (about the garden+lawn club). Enter any email, and the game will double your points earned.
- To earn mulch points, you need to hit the zombies head-on. Side swiping gives zero points.
- Use a maximized or full screen window to see as much of the play field as possible.
- As with most Facebook games, your mulch score will be saved so if you can't finish the game don't worry, you can go back to wherever you left off.
- Had trouble redeeming for a coupon? Didn't receive your coupon by e-mail? Go back to the game, click 'Stats' and see if there is a 'Redeem' button for the coupon. If it's there, click it again and fill out the form to redeem. If you don't see the button it means you already successfully redeemed it.
- The mulch score bar does not reset if you redeem a coupon so if you keep at it, you will earn up to 3 coupons ($5, $10, $15).
- If you don't redeem the first two coupons for the $5 and $10, after you finish the $15 redemption, click "STATS" and redeem the other two there.
- Sometimes it takes about 5 to 15 minutes for the one of the coupon to arrive in your inbox.

Items that take the $5/$10/$15 coupon (Post Here)--Coupons DO NOT STACK, One Per Transaction
1. Leaf blower
2. Tide/Gain detergent-Various sizes, tide pods, and liquid seems to qualify
3. 4ft LED Lighted Penguin, SnowMan and Santa
4. Air Wick & Febreeze
5. Trash Bags
6. Charmin tissue 18 double rolls $10.97
7. Pumpkins & gourds
8. LED Happy Holiday Sign, light-up Merry Christmas sign
9. Paper towels--any brand
10. Snow shovels
11. Plants, indoor and outdoor, bulbs, orchids $5.98
12. Garden hoses, nozzles, sprinklers, soakers
13. COL-MET 8 ft. Steel Landscape Edging
14. Weber BBQ thermometer, apron, gloves
15. Weed eater replacement trimmer line
16. Rakes
17. Transfer shovel
18. Miracle Grow all purpose 5 lbs
19. Bounty paper towels
20. Christmas Lighting
21. Christmas decorations: Works on tree skirts and tree ornaments too, not just lights. does NOT work on extension cords.
22. Soft Scrub,
23. Charmin toilet paper, 18 roll $10.797
24. Propane gauge for gas grill
25. Magic erasers, cascade, and toilet paper
26. Fabric softener sheets
27. Bounty 8 huge rolls ($17.97) or Bounty Select-A-Size 6 huge rolls $13.47
28. Sta-bil, rtv silicone, mouse traps, bleach, weed and grass killer
29. Brooms, mops, indoor trash cans?
30. Trash bags (150 13gal Husky bags for $10.97)
31. Zep Glass cleaner - $1.66, Zep Shower/Tub/Tile cleaner - $1.98
32. Dawn Dish Detergent - $1.97
33. Scotchbrite sponges 3-pack blue - $3.38
34. Seeds - $1.19
35. Round-up spray (5.00)
36. Spectracide weed killer(gallon) for grass (10.00)
37. Suet (wild bird food)
38. Big box Husky 44lb lawn contractor bags (50 bags) (22.00)
39. Sponges-3-pack Scothbrite blue sponges
40. Hand soap, ZEP Orange Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
41. Lysol, expensive cans
42. Pushbroom, 18” broom
43. Gain dishwashing liquid
44. Gloves-seems to be hit or miss.
45. Mulch, rocks, bricks, stones, sand
46. 2000 Flushes toilet bowl cleaner 2k $5.98
47. Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter $14.99
48. Tru-Fuel (50:1 premix gas)
49. Bypass Loppers
50. Pruner
51. Hand Cultivator
52. Watering Can
53. Hose Repair Washers
54. 5lbs bag Miracle Gro All Purpose
55. 18lb bag Scotts starter fertilizer for new grass/sod
56. Tomato Stake Kits
57. Chainsaw
58. Comet
59. Angel soft toilet paper
60. Clorox toilet cleaner
61. Turkey Peanut Oil
62. Mr clean magic erasers
63. Mr clean bucket cleaner
64. Gain dryer sheets
65. Brillo pads
66. Clorox clean up
67. Big Bags of Halloween Candy, mixed candy bag (15oz) and Reese's (7oz)
68. 30-Gallon Paper Lawn and Refuse Bags (5-Pack) $1.88
69. Hand Leaf Grabbers $6.98 (similar to Gardex LS-1000 Poly Leaf Scoops on Amazon)
70. Raid Bug Barrier
71. Swiffer wet jet pads
72. Miracle Grow Shake and Feed
73. Zep Oven and Grill cleaner $3.99
74. Homelite 2-Cycle Oil 16oz
75. Toro 2-Cycle Oil w/ Fuel Stabilizer 5.2oz
76. Terra Cotta 3" pots $0.70 and $0.24 Plastic planter saucer sku 568735, 4" Terra Cotta Saucer $0.74 SKU 208442(Fillers)
77. Fiskars garden trowel $0.88 SKU # 844385, - may be near other garden tools or outside
78. Fiskars Cultivator 3-Tine Nyglass Hand Tool $0.88 SKU # 844368
79. Febreze car air fresheners
80. ZEP Orange heavy-duty hand cleaner
81. Easy-Off Oven Cleaner
82. Digital Meat Thermometer
83. 18" quick broom
84. Armor All car products(wipes, sprays, squirt bottle)
85. Spark plugs for mower
86. 4-Cycle engine oil
87. Air filter for mower
88. Pledge
89. Rubbermaid 10 qt. Red Cooler
90. Coke products, candy, & magazines
91. NOS Energy Drinks (single 16 oz. cans)
92. Gonzo Odor Eliminator (volcanic mineral rocks in mesh bags)
93. Odoban Cleaner (1 gallon)
94. HDX Outdoor Drawstring trash bags (clear) & HDX Paper Towels 8-Roll
95. Aussie 21" Square BBQ Grill Clearanced for $19 at my store. ($4.50 OTD)
96. Brinkmann Electric Smoker, Wood Chunks for cooking
97. Insect killers, ant/cockroach bait
100. Melnor Adjustable Rear Trigger Nozzle ($4.47)
101. Fiskars Ultimate Garden Scissors Titianium Superior Cutting Performance $15.98
102. Bird feeders, outdoor bird food.
103. Monster Energy Drinks (located in the cooler at the register)
104. Bag of chips($1.49)
105. 2000 flushes toilet bowl cleaner
106. Gas Cans
107. Propane Tanks
108. 2-Pack propane cylinders
109. Plant food
110. Flower pots
111. Charcoal
112. Zep version of CLR Cleaner
113. Vermiculite - $20.97
114. Jet Dry Rinse Agent - $6.68
115. Trellis Netting - $3.97
116. Paving Stones
117. Bird Seed
118. Brinkman pizza stone 13"
119. Script lighter
120. Christmas stockings
130. Flags
131. Cinnamon scented pinecones, $5.97
132. 5 hour energy shot $2.99
133. single candy bars ( I think all the food items work)
134. Christmas lights
135. EcoSmart Home Pest Control
136. Hot Shot Roach Killing Powder
137. Ocelo Handy Sponges 4pk $2.48
138. Trident Tropical Twist Gum 1.38
139. Zep air and Fabric odor eliminator $5.96
140. Cherry wood chunks(bbq smoking) $6.97, mesquite/cherry/apple wood chips
141. Duraflame logs
142. Downy Fabric Softener
143. Rubbermaid 10 qt. Red Cooler $10.97
144. Soft Soap hand soap: small bottles and 1 gallon refills
145. Empty Spray bottles
146. Fire Pit
147. THD Logo Folding Bag Chair
148. Cascade Complete Gel bottles
149. Thick rubber blue pvc gloves
150. Rubbermaid trash cans
151. Sterilite 2 gallon trash can
152. Ames lawn cart ($9.97 Clearance)
153. Grill grates
154. Scrubbing Bubbles
155. Algaecide for the pool
156. Fertilizer, manure, topsoil, potting soil(all kinds), compost mix, peat moss, vermiculite
157. Roundup 1 gal. Premium Sprayer
158. Chlorine, 1 gallon
159. Comet/Ajax $0.97
160. Lemon Pledge - large 13.8 oz can $5.47
161. Matches - Diamond 3x300
162. Benzomatic butane refillable lighters
163. Benzomatic butane (3x) refills
164. Duralogs
165. Palmolive 64 oz. Original Scent Dishwashing Detergent $4.87
166. Clorox 30 oz. Bleach Foamer ($3.47)
167. Clorox 1.4 gal. Ultra Germicidal Bleach ($4.27)
168. Purex Detergent
169. Ice Melt
170. Miracle-Gro® Expand 'n Gro™
171. Cleaning buckets.
172. HDX 3 Stainless Steel Trash Can
173. Chainsaw chains
174. Chainsaw chain sharpener files
175. Home Depot $4.97 mugs
176. Tide HE Pods
177. Gain HE Detergent
178. Baking Soda Fridge N Freezer $0.93 GOOD FILLER
179. Unger 3-in-1 Telescopic Lamb's Wool Duster Kit with Filament and Microfiber Sleeve $11 clearance (Reg. 12.97
180. Kaboom Foamtastic w/ Oxyclean $3.98
181. Jet Dry rinse agent 16 oz $6.68
182. Blendmp mop head $7.97
183. Weber grill brush 18" $6.99
184. ZEP mildew stain remover or degreaser $1.66
185. Clorox Toilet Gel $3.52
186. Liquid Bar Keeper's Friend $2.98 / powder $1.48
187. HDX small microfiber duster with soft handle $2.98
188. GE Xmas lights
189. Tide Detergent
190. Invisible Glass
191. Glade Scented Spray
192. Black Magic Tire Wet
193. Febreeze Set & Fresh
194. Bounty 8 Huge Rolls
195. Huge windex refill ( marked 7.00)
196. Fiskars 11-1/4 in. Pruning Saw
197. Firewood bundles
198. Cascade dishwasher detergent packets
199. All grilling tools (grill lights, grill veggie pans, skewers, etc.)
200. Folding Bag Chairs (4 of them) $5.98 each
201. HDX Terry Towels 20 pk $9.97
202. HDX Terry Towels 4pk $3.97
203. Scotchbrite Stainless Steel Pads 3pk $2.38
204. M&M Plain (x2. I needed some cusion) $1.08
205. Bounty 6 Huge Roll $13.67
206.Charmin Ultra Soft 18pk $10.97
207. RubberMade 32 Gallon Trash Can $15.47
208. Trident Watermelon Twist Gum (more filler) $1.38
209. Glade Warmer and Refill Hawaii Breeze $4.98
210. Febreeze $4.98
211. Ice scrapers for removing snow off cars, at least the little ones for $3.97
212. Retaining Wall Blocks
213. Red Dixie cups
214. Puffs Plus Lotion3 pack Tissues - 6.58
215. Zep Citrus Cleaner - 3.48
216. HDX Microfiber towels
217. Microfiber Mit
218. Charcoal Lighter Fluid
219. Lysol sponge 2-pack (this thing is great compared to those yellow/green ones)
220. Extra detergent 250 oz $9.97, 175 oz $6.47
221. Bounce dryer sheets
222. ProCleaning Reuseable yellow gloves

Items that DON'T take the $5/$10/$15 coupon (Post Here)

1. Extension Cords
2. Wooden 8ft landscape timbers~~considered to be part of lumber
3. Sterilite storage containers
4. regular sized candy bars at the registers
5. Mold Armor 56 oz. E-Z Deck Wash
6. Christmas Storage boxes and Totes (red/green/clear)
7. Hair and Grease Drain Opener
8. Tarps (Lawn & Garden)
9. Scotch Masking Tape
9. Studfinder
10. Green 40" x 25' Poultry netting. (~ $9.68)
11. Gorilla glue
12. Paint strainer bags
13. Light bulbs
14. Drano foaming
15. $4.97 tinted eye protection glasses that are next to the chainsaws
16. 24 packs of water
17. Curtain Rods
18. Batteries
19. Door mats
20. Multi purpose yellow sponges
21. AC filters
22. TSP Heavy-Duty Cleaner
23. Flashlight and Headlamp combo
24. Scotch masking tape
25. LED color changing pumpkin hats (that you put on the top of your pumpkin)
26. Gorilla Glue brand Tape
27. EcoSmart Light Bulb
28. Home Depot Bucket
29. Receptacles
30. Wire nuts
31. Toilet plunger
32. command hooks
33. Fire Bricks

Items that people would like to know if the $5/$10/$15 coupon work with?(Post Here ONLY AFTER you check the above lists)
---Please move the item to the correct list if you can confirm that it does/does not work with the coupons
1. Firewood? Duralogs work and are on the list, what about the wrapped camp fire type wood?**YES, just picked up 2 bundles. Added to list
2. Air conditioner covers?
3, Ice melt? Yes, moved to list
4. Propane tank refill?
5. Caulk?
6. Ice scraper for removing snow off cars? -->Yes, at least the little ones for $3.97, adding to list
7. Solar LED garden stake lights?
8. Xmas Wrapping Paper?
9. Brita or Pur water filter cartridges?
10. Green Garden Gloves ($3 cotton/rubber ones, if you complain they will give you competitor $ off for value of coupon)
11. Window Insulation Kits (shrink film)?